Ilona’s secondment in Lyon

EUtrain secondment – Hospital of Lyon – November 2013
Fellow visited: Paola Bonaventura
Field of work of visited fellow: Biomolecular
Length of stay: 3 days


Description of carried out activities:

  1. Together we took a close look to the clinical approach of the arthritic disease:
  • Diagnose (Histology, questioning, imaging )
  • Treatment of patients at different stages of the disease

We had the opportunity to follow all the process from the hand of the professor Miossec assistant, A.M. Neamt. We also had the opportunity to see how a US scanner was used on adult patients with arthritis (Dr. T. Roland), which was of great value to learn more about the expressions of the disease and the identification of human anatomy.

  1. Paola also showed me some of the work carried out in the laboratory with the healthy and sick tissues they receive from the hospital. Her research is centered in seeing if the use of metals can modulate the inflammation and the growth of sick cells and interacting with the progression of the pathology of Rheumatoid arthritis

Apart from this Paola also explained the principles of immunology, which was very important for my better understanding of the whole picture.

Evaluation of the experience:

            The experience was very enriching and interesting!  It helps a lot to understand the fellow partners and the environment you are working in. Working in a multidisciplinary team is truly a great thing. On a personal level it is also very nice to get to know the people closer.

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