Four EUTRAIN students; Faekah Gohar (Munster), Robert van der Burgh (Munich), Patrick Maschmeyer (Berlin) and EUTRAIN coordinator Bas Vastert participated at the first EUTRAIN Day at Eureka. After participating in a full week of training in Translational Medicine at the Eureka Institute Certificate Course they engaged in an additional day of training fully developed for EUTRAIN. The program of the day can be found at the EUTRAIN group on the UCAN-U website.

Declaration of conformity – detailed instructions

We thought it might be helpful for you if we elaborate a bit on the instructions for generating the Declaration of Conformity. This is how it works step by step:


  • Go the Participant Portal and log-in:
  • Click on ‘My Projects
  • Look for the EUTRAIN project in the list and click on the orange/red square that says ‘RD’ (Reporting and Deliverables)
  • Click on ‘Documents’ in the Menu-window
  • From here on just follow the instructions showing on your screen
  • At the end please do not forget to upload the Employment Contract of the ESR. It is possible to upload more than one document should the need arise. Please make sure the document(s) contain(s) the requested details (see point 2 in our previous message)
  • After completing all the details and uploading the necessary documents please print the Declaration of Conformity and have it signed by a representative of the host institution as well as the ESR. 
  • Then scan and e-mail to (hard copy to be kept in your own institution)

2.  Declaration of Conformity

  • As soon as possible after appointment of the researcher, a declaration on the conformity must be submitted by each beneficiary for each recruited researcher to the REA.  This is an agreement between the fellow and the institution and should include the following:
  •  Salary:
  1. Living and mobility allowances
  2. Payment arrangements
  3. Any deductions
  • Conditions of work
  • Description of the research project
  • The applicable law
  • This Declaration on the Conformity must be duly signed by both researcher & host institution.
  • Hard copies of the Declaration should be kept by the host institution;
  • It has to be submitted only electronically to the REAA via the participants Portal.
  • Please send us a copy of the Declaration as we need it for the records




EUTRAIN FP7 program almost ready to start, only 2 vacancies left

The EU FP7 ITN project is about to start, with 12 out of 14 positions filled. For now only 2 high-profile positions are still open: ESR 8 (San Raffaele, Milan) and ESR 14 (Proteros, Munchen), with the hiring procedures in an advanced state. Interested candidates fulfilling the profile should contact eutrain project office ( or the PI’s of the projects as soon as possible.


Now hiring!

The Marie Curie FP7 Integrated Training network EUTRAIN is now hiring 14 Early stage Researchers (ESR) for a wide variety of jobs all in translational research in childhood arthritis. The researchers will be allocated with 10 different partners. The researchers will receive a 36 month research contract with an extensive and elaborate training program in translational medicine.

For information please contact us at


European Translational tRaining for Autoimmunity & Immune manipulation Network EUTRAIN is a research and training Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) focused on translational research in pediatric rheumatology. The mission of this pan-European project is to empower young researchers with the goal to enable them to capitalize on advances in human biology in order and translate this knowledge into novel tools for diagnosis, prognosis and/or treatment of immune mediated disease
The proposal was awarded in the FP7-PEOPLE-2011-ITN call, after receiving very favorable scores in the evaluation process (97 out max 100). The project officially started January 1st 2012 and is coordinated by prof Berent Prakken from University Medical Center Utrecht.