Welcome Dr. Elise van de Putte

We would like to introduce to you Dr. Elise van de Putte. Dr. Van de Putte has agreed to serve as an independent ethics advisor and reviewer for EUTRAIN. She is an outstanding expert in this area as she is the chair of the only Institutional review board in the Netherlands that is primarily focused on children. Apart from her role in the board, Dr. Van de Putte is also a practicing clinician (pediatrics) and an excellent clinical researcher who has published in the top journals in her field, including the Lancet. We are very happy to have Dr. van de Putte on board for EUTRAIN. She is available for advice for all ESR’s and PI’s and will review any ethical issues that might be raised within EUTRAIN.

Short bio Elise van der Putte

Elise van de Putte CV Eutrain 2014


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