EUTRAIN fellows attend MIA workshop at EIMI Münster

Patrick Maschmeyer, Pieter van Dijkhuizen, Michael Schäfers (Director EIMI, PI ESR07, Münster, Germany), Ilona Thijs, Mahesh Kondapuram and David Popp at the valedictory session of Mouse imaging academy.

EUTRAIN fellows Pieter van Dijkhuizen (ESR04),  David Popp (ESR05), Mahesh Kondapuram (ESR07), Bechara Mfarrej (ESR08), Patrick Maschmeyer (ESR11) and Ilona Thijs (ESR12) attended mouse Imaging academy workshop held at European Institute for Molecular Imaging, Münster during Nov 11-15. The fellows acquired hands on training in small animal PET, SPECT, CT, Ultrasound, MRI and optical imaging together with animal handling and data analysis. Apart from the practical training, the fellows also got an opportunity to discuss about their own work and their possible future collaborations and secondments.


4th Mouse Imaging Academy – MIA – November 11 – 15, University of Muenster

November 11th to 15th, 2013 at the University of Münster

Our interdisciplinary team invites you to join our training course on state-of-the-art imaging of mice. We will introduce you into a broad spectrum of dedicated imaging technologies including μPET/μSPECT, μCT, μMRI, mouse ultrasound and optical imaging. A special emphasis is on specific in-depth practical training sessions (hands-on with four participants max.) and interactive imaging data analysis at our training and demonstration facility (VisualLab). Each participant will work with animal models, apply various imaging modalities and explore multimodal image data sets.

Individuals with experience in small animal imaging as well as beginners are welcome to join our workshop.

The workshop is accredited as Modul III “specific in-depths practical training” of the international “Curriculum Preclinical Imaging in Small Laboratory Animals – PRIMA“. CME credit points will be applied for from the Medical Association.

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Declaration of conformity – detailed instructions

We thought it might be helpful for you if we elaborate a bit on the instructions for generating the Declaration of Conformity. This is how it works step by step:


  • Go the Participant Portal and log-in:
  • Click on ‘My Projects
  • Look for the EUTRAIN project in the list and click on the orange/red square that says ‘RD’ (Reporting and Deliverables)
  • Click on ‘Documents’ in the Menu-window
  • From here on just follow the instructions showing on your screen
  • At the end please do not forget to upload the Employment Contract of the ESR. It is possible to upload more than one document should the need arise. Please make sure the document(s) contain(s) the requested details (see point 2 in our previous message)
  • After completing all the details and uploading the necessary documents please print the Declaration of Conformity and have it signed by a representative of the host institution as well as the ESR. 
  • Then scan and e-mail to (hard copy to be kept in your own institution)

2.  Declaration of Conformity

  • As soon as possible after appointment of the researcher, a declaration on the conformity must be submitted by each beneficiary for each recruited researcher to the REA.  This is an agreement between the fellow and the institution and should include the following:
  •  Salary:
  1. Living and mobility allowances
  2. Payment arrangements
  3. Any deductions
  • Conditions of work
  • Description of the research project
  • The applicable law
  • This Declaration on the Conformity must be duly signed by both researcher & host institution.
  • Hard copies of the Declaration should be kept by the host institution;
  • It has to be submitted only electronically to the REAA via the participants Portal.
  • Please send us a copy of the Declaration as we need it for the records