ESR11- Patrick Maschmeyer

ESR 11 Title: Resetting immunological memory
Research Objectives:
Description of work: In this project strategies for the selective depletion of the pathogenic memory for inflammation will be developed and tested. Transcriptomes of Th cells isolated from sites of chronic inflammation of autoimmune patients will be compared to transcriptomes of protective and resting Th memory cells to identify genes specifically expressed in pathogenic Th cells. Identified genes will be analyzed for their relevance in function and persistence of Th cells driving chronic inflammation. By microRNA/siRNA-mediated knockdown or antibody-mediated targeting of identified gene products in murine models of inflammation, it will be tested whether pathogenic Th memory cells can be targeted specifically and whether chronic inflammation can be therapeutically influenced. The need for concomitant depletion of autoantibody-secreting plasma cells and adoptive transfer of regulatory T cells for elimination of the pathogenic memory and restoration of self-tolerance will be analyzed.Personal Information Sheet ESR11 – Patrick MaschmeyerPresentation ESR11 Patrick Maschmeyer