ESR13 – Aisha Gohar

ESR 13 Title: Circulating cells as biomarkers for long term side effects
Research Objectives:
Description of work: Cavadis has discovered a range of new biomarkers in human body fluid and human vascular tissue that revealed strong predictive value for secondary cardiovascular events during follow up. The innovation in this area was (a) the use and isolation of protein out of unrecognized human tissue and body fluid samples (b) the application of proteomics in these humans samples. The project focuses on (1) how to use human samples in biobank studies in biomarker discovery with respect to standardization and reproducibility. In this project we will also initiate a new discovery track studying the secretome of circulating cells. Proteomics is the first choice in this discovery phase but we might move forwards towards micro RNA discovery platforms; (2) how to verify and validate the observations on larger sample sizes after the discovery phase with a specific focus on clinical utility. At present Luminex is used for this purpose; and (3) how to develop a diagnostic assay based on the newly discovered biomarker that is clinically applicable.Personal Information Sheet ESR13 – Aisha Gohar