ESR14 – Robert van der Burgh

ESR 14 Title: Intelligent-design small molecules to manipulate immunity
Research Objectives:
Description of work:The objective of the project is to generate novel chemical entities that qualify to interfere with kinase-mediated signaling events in the broad context of immunity. Based on comparative analyses of target protein-ligand complexes, novel pharmacophoric features will be extracted and will serve as blueprint for the design of privileged scaffolds. These privileged scaffolds will be expanded into dedicated targeted compound libraries from which a high hit rate in subsequent screening program can be expected. The main emphasis will be laid on design and chemical synthesis of target focused libraries comprising novel chemical matter. Provided that proof-of-concept can be achieved, compound properties will be optimized in a lead finding and ultimately lead optimization campaign.Personal Information Sheet ESR14 – Robert van der BurghPresentation ESR14 Robert van der Burgh