ESR03 – Sohaib Ali

ESR 3 Title: Imaging as biomarkers of disease
Research Objectives:
Description of work: Conventional radiography has been the mainstay of imaging evaluation in patients with chronic arthritis. New sophisticated imaging modalities could provide more responsive therapeutic endpoints. This ESR will focus on: (1) the development of a training set for imaging assessment in JIA; and (2) the study of new imagining modalities to: a) identify sensitive markers of structural (cartilage or bone) damage; b) identify imaging predictors of erosive disease; c) identify, by molecular imaging, reversible cartilage macromolecular changes that can predate the onset of morphologic damage; d) learn how to use these techniques in controlled clinical trials to assess the disease modifying potential of new drugs; e) standardize and validate new imaging modalities for their application in JIA clinical trials (imaging outcome measures). The final aim of this research project is to improve therapeutic management of the patients by integrating imaging evaluation into routine clinical assessment. The more the clinicians become sophisticated on the application of new imaging modalities, the more they will be able to assist in directing the development of these technologies to better serve the needs of patients suffering from chronic arthritisPersonal Information Sheet ESR03 – Sohaib AliPresentation ESR03 – Sohaib Ali