ESR06 – Faekah Gohar

ESR 6 Title: Proteomic analysis for monitoring chronic inflammation in children
Research Objectives:
Description of work: This ESR will perform a global proteomic screen for novel biomarkers in serum/plasma samples of children with chronic inflammation. The ESR will use label-free mass spectrometry-based protein quantification (MS). The ESR will compare protein patterns to elucidate targets which may serve as identifiers for specific JIA subgroups or disease stages. Thereby, methodology needs to be developed to access the serum/plasma sub-proteome of the low abundant proteins. The preabsorption of high molecular weight serum proteins is of pivotal importance. The ESR will have access to the clinical biobanks described. Pre-analytical factors are an important point for proteomic analyses. Therefore, the ESR will develop protocols for standardization of processing and storage of patient samples to guarantee the reproducibility of measurements over prolonged periods of time. The ESR will try to identify modifications of relevant targets which may indicate different stages of inflammatory processes and start quantification of specific targets by MS. In cooperation with ESR 3, this ESR will analyze post-translational modifications and quantities of S100A9 (two translational start sites, phosphorylation at threonine 113). With this approach we will develop novel techniques which will be useful for diagnosis and monitoring of JIA.Personal Information Sheet ESR06 – Faekah GoharPresentation ESR06 Faekah Gohar